Tony Parker: French Connect

Tony Parker: French Connect

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Regardless of your position on NBA Lockout issues or NBA players leaving to play internationally, you have got to love this story! Spurs superstar and NBA Finals MVP, Tony Parker, has interests in basketball that have lead him to the ownership end of the basketball business.

In the most interesting of moves, T.P. has decided to go ahead and play for his team for a salary that’s lower than the Spurs’ equipment manager’s pay. This would truly make Tony the worst paid NBA talent playing overseas, but of course I’m sure Tony is thinking big picture with the exposure and impact he makes on his sports business investment in France.

From the Associated Press:

“[Parker] will play with a French team during the NBA lockout, earning a mere $1,995 per month despite his star power on and off the basketball court.

ASVEL, which is based in Villeurbanne, near Lyon in southeast France, announced on Wednesday that Parker will play for them.

Parker told the sports daily L’Equipe that the decision is “logical.” He is vice president of the club and wants to help it advance.

The Frenchman says, “I’ll be playing nearly for free … If I play the entire season, we’ll go for the title.”

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  1. buddy says:

    One of the bad side effects of NBA players owning overseas team is that the overseas talent will stay grounded and never make it to the NBA.

    How can that hurt? Well when you have players such as Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobli, and Yao Ming, that all translates into international media outlets buying copy rights to show games in their own country. For example, when Yao Ming plays, all of China tunes in to watch games being played in America. If talent the likes of Ginobli, Gasol, and Ming stay put in their homelands, then the NBA will not be as global as it passionately intends to be.

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