NBA Preseason Really History?

NBA Preseason Really History?

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Who’s to Blame?

David Stern: “we’re looking to finalizing close to a 200 million dollar loss as well as regular season games.”

Derek Fisher: “We don’t want to be locked out, but the reality is we are employees, and the owners are employers, it is their decision to make.”

Adam Silver: “We are looking at a tremendous loss!”

The Players or Owners? Both? Either way, the season cancelations are going on. With 40+ preseason games now canceled, the NBA lockout monster seems to be growing. Growing like recent consumer costs at NBA games. Reference this piece taken from a USA Today Report.

Source: Richard Cherner, USA Today

The NBA preseason is history and the regular season is in real jeopardy. The players and owners have some explaining to do.

And we have to decide who is responsible for this mess.

NBA LOCKOUT: Two sides far apart

Right now the two sides can’t even agree as to when they will meet again or whether it will be this month.

“We want to and have been willing to negotiate, but we find ourselves at a point where we in some ways anticipated or expected to be, faced with a lockout that may jeopardize portions if not all of our season,” NBA Union president Derek Fisher said.

The contention centers on the basketball-related income. The players were getting 57% and offered to lower that to 53%. The owners had been offering 47%.

Commissioner David Stern and his deputy Adam Silver came up with a 50-50 suggestion which the players shot down. Right now that puts the sides about $120 million apart.

“I am not going to get a good night’s sleep after this afternoon’s session. I would say I’m personally very disappointed,” Silver said. “I thought that we should have continued negotiating, and I thought there was potentially common ground on a 50-50 deal. I think it makes sense. It sounds like a partnership.”

The only thing the two sides agree on is that losing game will be a disaster for everyone. Who are you mad at?

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